Can Nature Do Miracles?

This is about a true story of my closest friend. She had a life story filled with tear drops and sorrows, not just twice a week or once a month, but every single day. Her life was no better than hell. I personally visit her most of the times, to help her with her home expenses and to take some food for her and kids. Her husband was a strict alcoholic. And when he is drunk, he acted like a beast. He does not care his wife or kids, he attacked every things around him. Never taken care of the family or bothered himself to think how my kids gonna eat, live and face the future. When he is drunk he simply does not remember he is married, but luckily remembers he has a home to return, knock out the things around and people to call by filth.

I wish thousand times, if God can send one of his angels and turn these things around or else make this suffering woman realized to go away and never return to this man. As I was out of the country on a tour and could not visit her for a considerable time, I packed out few stuff and hurried. I tap the door twice, thinking whether that animal gonna peep in punch me right on to my face for stepping his house. Door was opened and all I could see was a decent, good looking man, well dressed with a pleasant smile. Have I just gone to the wrong house? To confirm myself I asked for the lady by her name. She came out at the other side, “come on in honey, how are you?”

I could not figure out what happen for a while until she unwrapped her story and life changing point. She stated that her husband has gone through some therapies using some magical healing device, which was introduced to her by one of her neighbours.

She carried me through her house and I saw some small gadgets equipped in her water, electricity systems and in the bedrooms and living rooms. She showed me a pendent what she and her husband wear. I just questioned what are these? Her answer was “these are vibrational healing products, which can absorb all your pains and negatives and return you comfort and positives”. Visit this link for more information regarding vibrational healing products.

After I came home I checked the internet, read more testimonials and purchased few from it, to experience it on my own. Surprisingly this is true. I started feeling so relax and calm within me. Even my face denoted my heart. Everyone around me realized that I am just going through a pretty impressive meditation period.

But the truth is most of us don’t know the power of nature. This was an incident which changed my life and realized me what this life is all about. It is about spending every second with a lasting harmony and understanding what we really need, not want.